Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Battle With Anxiety

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Over this past year, I have developed an anxiety problem. It all started with tingling and numbness and half my face going numb. While I thought I was having a stroke or heart attach, I finally came to the conclusion that stress was causing my problems.
Around that time, I had finals coming up, a 10 page research paper due, and mother that was ill. While I felt like I was dealing with these issues properly, my body didn’t. And this caused my body to rage against me. Making my life feel like an endless cycle of worry, doubt, and fear.
So I have decided to learn all I can about anxiety and panic attacks. Starting with reading “The Anxiety Cure” by Dr. Archibald Hart. I just began reading it and it seems like a good read that will definitely offer some great advice.
As I learn and find new information, I will post it here for anyone else that may be going through the same thing. Because it can be scary. And feel free to refer any readings, websites, or any other sources that might help.

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