Monday, March 5, 2012

Worries of a College Senior

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Ok, so I am heading into my last year of college and I find myself having some serious doubts. I like my major and all(which is Computer Science), but I feel as though I am not prepared enough to be able to find a job in my field. Is that a common thought among college grads? Lately, all I can think about is whether I remember all of my programming languages like Java, C++, and VB.Net. And it drives me to a panic attack sometimes, causing my to wonder if I chose the right major.

Like I said above, I love my major and I am doing well in all of my programming classes, but the worry is still there. Is this normal? Or am I just thinking too much?

-Worried College Student


mike said...

Thank you for this excellent & thoughtful post, so full of ideas that I have printed it out so i can read again

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Bailey said...

I think it is normal, especially in an economy like this one. One thing that helps is to start researching jobs that you would apply for and see if you have the skill base, knowledge, etc. to get the jobs you are interested in. If not what do you need to get those jobs. Sometimes it increases your anxiety, but in the long run it will make sure you are prepared for the job market.

Destiny Williams said...

Bailey- thanks alot for your advice. I have started researching jobs in my field and it has been helpful in showing what areas I need approve in. It did stress me for a moment, but like you said, it will prepare me for the future.

Chrystal Mahan said...

Last spring I took 9 classes so I could graduate in June. I have an Associates in Accounting, a field I now have 20 yrs experience in. I went back for my BA 3 years ago because it felt safe. I decided to finish in Accounting and take on Business. I have been freelancing all that time because jobs here where I work suck and I have issues with corporate America. Its fine. I do better on my own. I graduated and realized I could do even better for myself if I went on to get my Masters, which I am doing now. I started last fall. I think we all have our own path. Since I was freelancing and self-employed, yes the jobs where there and yes I felt good in the accounting field, but I wanted more. I wanted to branch out into other niches and not be subject to just one. I think have to look at the whole picture.

Like Bailey said, check into the jobs that are interesting to you that you want to work for. If their is something you are missing, you might want to talk to your college career department to see if their is a short term or certification training type class to help you out. They can also help you in the job market as well.

I think you are just experiencing the senior anxiety we all go through when we are about to graduate. Your life is about to change and you feel it coming.

I wish you the best of luck!I hope you will keep us posted on things.

PS- your blog background is really cute!

Destiny Williams said...

Thanks, Chrystal. I will make sure to keep you guys posted on how everything goes. And thanks for complimenting my blog background. I found it on and I thought it was too cute to pass up.

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