Saturday, October 29, 2011

Black Like Me!

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Lately I have been getting more into make-up. Most of the time I am pretty plain and wear just lip gloss and on occasions a little mascara. But I have been wanting a to change it up a little. So I have been watching YouTube reviews and how-tos on make-up and they have been helpful, but none of them really look like me. When I say that I mean not alot of them are really dark. Even when I search for "make-up for dark skin" I either get very little results or get people who are dark but not as dark as me, so that doesn't help. And in most of the videos that fit the criteria the women have the same question as me, "where is all the make-up for the darker skinned ladies"? And this made me really start to think of the issues darker completion people face all the time from being teased to not being properly represented...

Now I am not dark as night but dark enough that it makes it hard to find make-up that fits my skin tone. And this can be disheartening  I just cannot understand for the life of me why they find it so hard to make darker make-up.  But don't get me wrong, I have come to terms with my skin tone and no longer feel like it is a curse, unlike when I was younger. I used to be teased alot and felt so insecure, but I have been working on that for years and now feel like I have come to terms with my color. That doesn't mean sometimes I don't feel insecure at times, but I am not as bad as I once was. But going to the store and seeing colors for everyone else but me hurts. Like those are the only acceptable shades. 

So after continuously getting my feelings hurt(sad face), I decided to go online a search for some companies that are popular with the dark skinned community and I found Black Opal and Iman were mentioned alot. While I have not used them as of yet, I plan on buying some as soon as possible and testing it out. I hope my search has come to an end because I am exhausted from searching high and low. 

If anyone has anymore brands that offer darker skinned girls make-up options please comment below and let us know.

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