Thursday, March 15, 2012

Titanic in 3-D!

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titanic 3d

I can’t wait until April 4th! Not only is it a day before my younger sister’s 21st birthday, but it’s also the day that the love story of all love stories hits the big screen once again. And you better believe the date is already circled in my calendar and that I am already purchasing my box of tissue.

I have literally seen this movie a hundred times, but never in theaters. So I am excited that it is being re-released. I am even excited about the movie being in 3-D and I usually hate the fact that they try to make every movie 3-D these days. But some are doubting that people will waste their money seeing a movie that has been out for years, but lots of people went to see Beauty and the Beast the second time around, so bring on Titanic.

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