Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back in Love With Rob Pattinson!

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robert pattinson water for elephantsLast December I wrote a post about how tired I was of Robert Pattinson and how my obsession with him was just an illusion. But over the weekend I rented “Water For Elephants” and fell back in love with him.

When I say I loved this movie, you better believe it. Not to mention my girl Reese Witherspoon was in it. The movie couldn’t have been any better. It had an awesome storyline, great cast, and loads of cute animals. I especially loved the elephant and it hurt me to see so many animals being abused. Which made me wonder if this still happens today in traveling circuses.

But on a lighter note, the movie was awesome and I am glad I finally saw it. And I highly recommend it!

Movie Rating: 9/10

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