Monday, October 24, 2011

Drug Testing Welfare Recipients

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According to a article on, the law that would test any welfare applicant before they could receive any benefits is being temporarily blocked due to a lawsuit and much criticism. Critics of the law are saying it is unconstitutional and a clear violation. While many supporters believe that it would only be fair to test the recipients just like a person would have to when applying for a job.

In my honest opinion, the testing would not matter if they do the testing only once before they start. I don't know how the system works, but they could easily get over on that system. One thing I believe would help would be a money budgeting class that would offer better ways to spend money and food stamps. Too many times do I wait in line behind people with 2 carts full of nothing but junk food and see them pay with EBT cards. And I am not downing them either. If you need assistance, get it, just don't stay on it forever.


And Then There Was Three-The Joys of Motherhood said...

I agree. I really don't think the drug testing is going to work. There are many ways people can work the system. I think they are wasting more money and being more ridiculous when our country is in a financial shambles right now. They need to look into a deadline of assistance-like for food stamps-you can only have it a certain amount of years in your life time. Things of that sort rather than trying to drug test everyone.

Destiny said...

That's right. I know for a fact some states have limitations on how long you can get aid, but some states don't. Having a 6 month to 1 year assistance program would really help out the country's financial problem and help the recipients move towards independence quicker.

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