Monday, May 14, 2012

"Desperate Housewives" Series Finale!

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Well the final episode of  "Desperate Housewives" aired last night and it left me saying, "huh." Don't get me wrong, overall the show was good. But I felt like it was played a little too safe. I was expecting some wild and crazy antics like the first seasons but that was not so. But we did see Bree beat going to jail, Renee get married, Julie have her baby, Mrs. McCluskey die, and everyone eventually moves away. And all of the housewives go off to live their happy endings. Sounds perfect, right?

The part that gets me is the new neighbor moving into Susan's house. They introduce her and lead us to assume she has some kind of deep, dark secret and then... the end, the show is over. I was so mad. How can you tease me like this? Who is this women? What is her story?

But it lead me to think that they are leaving a door open for a spin-off or movie, and I am all in for that!

What did you think of the finale? Like or dislike?
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