Saturday, August 20, 2011

When Books Were Our Friends...

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What ever happened to those days where we use to run to the Book Mobile after school to find that new book we were waiting for? After reading a blog post on Angelique The Novelist, those days came rushing back into my mind. I can still remember those days like they were yesterday. Back then I could not wait to get out of school to check out the new Goosebumps or the new Sweet Valley High books. And even though I am not that old (23 is not old, right?), kids a few years younger than me have no idea about the Book Mobiles and Book Fairs that use to come to our schools. Now days kids rather play Wii and Xbox 360 than pick up a book and it is rather troubling. I think we need to bring these kind of things back to give kids something more productive to do, which in return will probably keep them out of trouble.

Now that you have heard my opinion on the topic, please go check out Angelique's post about the same. You will love it! And if you are really feeling lucky, go to Author Exposure and check out another great post.

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