Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What are Bath Salts?

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Bath Salts Drug
I have been hearing a lot about bath salts lately and I am not talking about the ones you buy from Bath and Body Works. I’m talking about the new drug that apparently caused a man to become a cannibal and eat another man’s face off in Florida. And that’s just one of the latest stories involving this drug.
According to articles, bath salts are a man-made, synthetic drug made from amphetamine-like chemicals and causes a unique combination of effects on the brain. Like zombie attacks. And it is being called the “new LSD.”

It really is scary, because statistics are showing that more and more people are trying bath salts. This statistic scares me because if this is how people act on this drug, then God have mercy! We might have a zombie apocalypse on our hands.
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