Monday, October 17, 2011

Amber Cole Controversy!

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Oh my goodness! I have no idea what is going on with these kids these days, so all I can say is wow! And I hate that this happened in my city of Memphis. We are getting such a bad wrap as of lately. First the high crime rate, then the drastic teen pregnancy spike and now this 14-year old girl, Amber Cole, is caught on tape performing oral sex AT school. Yep, I said at school. But the worst thing of all was the fact that 2 other boys were there and she willing let them tape her performing the act. She had to know it was going to go viral, everything goes viral these days, ugh!

Now I know there will be people who say "well we all did stupid things like that when we were young," but is that any reason to approve this? No! And then we wonder why the teen pregnancy and STD rates are so high. If adults are saying it is normal, then we already what the kids going to think.

To end this post I have one last thing to say. I sure hate it that people are sending the video around to everyone. First of all, that is a disgusting and mean thing to do(even if she did allow it). Second of all, it is child pornography. The girl is only 14 years old. So please people stop spreading the video.

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