Friday, May 11, 2012

Too Old for Breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding has really become a popular and controversial topic as of lately. With lawsuits flying around against it and organizations speaking up for it, Time decided to tackle the issue in their current edition. And man has it started a debate...

The main question in lots of people's minds is, when is too old, too old? When is it time to take the child off the...boob? While I am not a parent, I do find it weird that an almost 4-year old child still breastfeeds. As my mother says, "if the child can climb in your lap and pull the boob out their own selves, it is time to stop breastfeeding." And I agree. But according to the magazine and the mother in the article, this issue has to do with attachment. This process is supposed to help the mother and child bond on a deeper level. Which sounds beautiful, but still a little creepy

Ultimately it is the parent's decision but come on, that boy is huge with big boy teeth. Wouldn't that hurt?

So my question is, when is too old?
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