Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is Tara the New Bubba on True Blood?

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As I mentioned in my True Blood season premiere recap, Tara is dead. Well, not exactly. She was turned by Pam(don't ask why). Well after writing that post I started reading other blogs and articles discussing the episode and there are many questions about this upcoming season. One of the main questions involves Tara and how normal a vampire she will be. Some are saying she won't be "all there" because of the shot to the head and will possibly be the TV version of Bubba from the books.

I always wondered why they left Bubba out. He was a big part of the books and really balanced everything out, so I was upset when he never joined the cast. But if Tara becomes something similar to Bubba, then I guess that might work. Lord knows she really shouldn't even be a big part of the show according to the books, so they obviously have big plans for Tara. 

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