Monday, June 11, 2012

"True Blood" Season 5 Premiere Recap

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I have one question, where the heck was Christopher Meloni in this episode? Every since I heard that he was joining the cast,  I have been waiting to see him as a vamp. And I was upset that I have to wait to next week or how ever long, to see him. I can't go that long without my Meloni fix. 

Besides that, the episode was eventful. It took me a moment to remember all that happened on last season's finale, but I quickly caught up. I am also amazed at how far from the book they stray. I mean, what are they thinking. In the book a few of the main characters were dead by now and some never existed. But that's neither here nor there.

So here's the rundown:  *SPOILER ALERT!!!*
  • Eric and Bill are on the run from the Authority with Eric's "sister" Nora
  • Russell is alive
  • Sam has been kidnapped by Marcus' pack
  • Sookie clearing here kitchen of blood (again)
  • Lafayette is dealing with the death of Tara and Jesus
  • Tara is dead, but is made a vamp by Pam (ikr?)
  • and other stuff that didn't seem too relevant to me
And that is basically it. All I know is that there better be alot of Eric and Alcide in this season. Bill can go away forever. I am curious to see more of Jessica too. For some reason she is so interesting to me. Maybe it's here beautiful red hair or maybe because she seems so dark but innocent? I dunno.

So after waiting months, was the season premiere what you expected? And who are you looking to see more of? 

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