Sunday, September 18, 2011

The 2011 Emmy's!!!

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The Emmy's aired tonight and alot of my favorite shows won awards, while alot did not. One thing is for sure,  Modern Family is Emmy gold. They were the big winners of the night and that was okay because the show is funny. With that being said you would think that I was pleased with the event. NOT!

I waited and waited to hear them call out some of  the actors and actresses from my new favorite show, Sons of Anarchy. But as the show rolled on, I never heard it mentioned. Why didn't the show or it's actors get nominated? The show is awesome and could have easily beat some of the shows that were nominated. Also, I was upset that Late Night with Jimmy Fallon did not win an award. Jimmy is so cute and so funny. I don't know of a better combination. But anyway I am done griping. What did you think of the ceremony? Did your favorite shows and actors win?

Before I go, here are some of my favorite dresses of the night. Kate Winslet looked absolutely fabulous, as usually.

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