Friday, June 8, 2012

Discipline or Abuse?

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Discipline or Abuse
These days it is hard to talk about discipline without people thinking of you as a child abuser. Discipline and abuse are often used as interchangeable words and they couldn’t be anymore different. So what is the difference?

While I am not a parent, I am a daughter and now that without discipline me and my siblings would have been horrible. A little spanking never hurt anyone, right? But it did teach us how to control ourselves and that certain actions begot certain reactions. My mother knew how to discipline each one of us in a way that never came close to abuse. She knew when it was time to get the belt and she knew when we just needed a punishment. And that is the difference between abuse and discipline, showing a child right from wrong with discernment. But now a parent can barely raise their voice to a child without the cops being called. When did this happen?
A better question would be, when does discipline turn into abuse? A story came out today about Pastor Creflo Dollar being charged with abusing his 15 year old daughter. They are reporting that Creflo Dollar threw his daughter, choked, and punched her. Some people believe he was just disciplining a stubborn and ill-tempered daughter that wanted to go to an off-limits party, but some are saying this is flat-out child abuse.
According to the article, I believe that Dollar did go overboard. Choking and hitting repeatedly is never okay. But what about those parents who are just spanking their kids and are being called abusers. I cannot get behind that. Purely disciplining your child is good and needed to train a child, but abuse is NEVER ok.
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