Friday, January 6, 2012

What Happened to Ryan Cabrera?

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Remember the cute guy with the spiky blond hair that used to date Ashlee Simpson back in the early 2000s named Ryan Cabrera?  Yeah, you probably don’t because he just seemed to fade away after a few hit songs and has barely made any hits since. The same thing probably happened to him that happened to Hanson, The Jonas Brothers and soon, Justin Bieber. He got older and as well as his target audience, and they moved on.

But I still have a few of his songs on my MP3 player and I still them. My favorites were “40 Kinds of Sadness” and “On the Way Down.” Swoon. But now he is older and less known and looks like Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean, which is not bad at all, but it is drastically opposite of how he used to look.










                              Before                                        After


Here are my two favorite Ryan Cabrera videos. Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

True enough, I know it's quite long but I've just come across this post hehe.
Well I'm just some stranger who happens to like Ryan Cabrera too. His music just touch my heart deeply and I was first introduced to him from his 'True' which I like it a lot followed by Take It All Away which I will remember the first 3 lines. Well I think his music are really meaningful.
Well, I'm 16 this year, so I just want to say, I like him a lot and seriously, it's weird for most of my friends not knowing who he is when his music are so meaningful. The world is just so unfair huh. Those who are talented like Ryan is not as well known as some people who just don't truly have the voice and just win the heart of the fan through their looks. HOPE I didnt offend anyone because I'm just saying out what is in my mind.
Yea, peace love~ Not to forget, Ryan's 'I see Love'! :)

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