Thursday, August 2, 2012

Adorkable Is the New Hot!

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Every Monday is "Whatta Man" Monday on ThatsWhatWeSaid. They poll the female audience on two or more men and we pick who the winner is. And last weeks men to pick from were John Krasinski and Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the "Quirky Guy" Edition. While I truly love both. I had to go with Krasinski. He just seems perfect to me. Funny, cute, smart. What else can you ask for in a man? Seriously girls we need to go with these guys and leave the "bad boys" alone.

But in no way are they the only two guys with the adorable dorky style. So I decided to make a list of all of my favorite adorkable celeb guys, whether they play adorkable on TV or are the real thing.

Maybe next I will post my favorite adorkable girls. It seems only fair, right?

John Krasinski

Michael Cera

Aldris Hodge

Andy Samberg

Paul Rudd

All the Guys from "The Big Bang Theory"

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