Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Common Vs. Drake

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First off let me say that this is going to be interesting. I love Hip-Hop especially anything before 2000. So of course I love Common. Songs like “I Used to Love H.E.R.”, “Come Close” and “The Light” are on heavy rotation on my MP3 player. His music is like poetry and makes you think, unlike a lot of songs and artists these days. Rappers don’t love Hip-Hop like they used to. Now it is all about how much money and girls they have. There is no genuine love anymore.
Which brings me to this beef between Common and Drake. I don’t know how it started but animosity between old school and new school rappers have been brewing for awhile now. With some old school rappers claiming rap is dying and it is all because of the new stuff that has no substance. Which is for the most part true.
So on the new song “Stay Schemin (Remix)” which I guess originally featured Rick Ross, Drake, and some dude French Montana, Common remixed it and got on to diss Drake. You can here both of the rappers attacking each other. But my favorite part of the song is Common’s line “You ain’t wet nobody, you Cananda Dry.” I was dying laughing so hard. So I guess we wait and Drake’s response, but I don’t think he can top that. Common lyrically killed him. #CanadaDry
But for real, I hope all this stays clean and harmless. I don’t think this will turn into a Tupac and Biggie thing. Neither of them is hardcore like for that, but you never know.

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