Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Sims Social on Facebook!

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This game is going to be epic, especially if it goes on to be anything like the other Sims games. After waiting for what seems like forever, the good folks behind The Sims Social have finally released the game in beta mode. Facebookers have been up in arms questioning the release date of this game and now get to actually play. And me being The Sims junkie that I am, I had to jump on as soon as possible. After playing the game I can tell the game is awesome, but with all of the positive buzz also comes some negative words. Like I mentioned above, the game is great and all, but that is only when you can play it. I was literally on for 15 minutes before I received an error message like the one below and was kicked out.

And the game has been for 3 days now. This really frustrates me because everything was running smoothly and then boom, nothing for days. I feel that the creators should have at least warned us this would happen and that I should just wait a little longer, instead of teasing us and then yanking it back. But that is just how I feel. The only thing that saves me from never playing the game again is the email that was sent out apologizing about this issue. So for now I am still a little upset (what, a girl needs her Sims fix) but I can wait a little longer. What do you think?

Click here to play when the game is finally released!

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