Monday, July 2, 2012

Mixing Religion and Marriage

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I was reading a TMZ article on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce today and at the end of the article they polled readers on whether religion was a huge factor in a marriage. And to my surprise most people said yes. I also answered yes. How can you be married to someone who doesn't believe in what you believe in and the other way around? That is a disaster waiting to happen. 

When I say I was shocked by this poll, I am telling the truth.. These days people marry for the heck of it and never really consider other factors like number of kids desired, living situations, money, and of course religion. And all these factors are very important and can seriously put a strain on any relationship. 

I know that as a devout Christian, I could never marry someone who doesn't share my faith. It will not work and will be just plain awkward. But that is my opinion. Some multi-faith couples go on to lead happy lives together, while others don't. Celeb couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Katy Perry and Russell Brand are showing us that religion should be a factor we discuss a little more in relationships.

Do you and your mate share the same religious beliefs? And does religion play a major role in your relationship?
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