Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Doubt's 2012 Comeback!!!

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No Doubt at the Teen Choice Awards 2012

All I can say is... about time. Lol. For real, I loved Gwen's solo album, but I was missing the old No Doubt days. So I was thrilled when they released their new single "Settle Down" last week(click here to watch). It gave me that 90's ska vibe that No Doubt does so well. The single was not the best to me, but it gets the job done.

But they threw me off when they performed at the Teen Choice Awards on last Sunday. I don't know if they wanted to or were asked to perform but I do not believe that was the best place for No Doubt to make their big comeback. Why? Because the Teen Choice Awards are full of a bunch of 11-16 year old girls that probably don't know who No Doubt is. All they want to see is Justin Bieber, the "Twilight" cast, and One Direction (whoever they are). I believe they should have waited for a more "adult-friendly" event to debut new music because no one was buzzing about them that night. Not with all the teen hormones in the air. Sorry.

But I have to give it to them. They all still look really good, especially Gwen Stefani who looks way better than the music chicks half her age. She is 42 and rocking it! Go Gwen!

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