Saturday, August 13, 2011

Exercise, Ugh!

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I know, I know, I should be more enthusiastic about exercising, but I despise it. The sweating, the moving, just all of it. Lol! Just kidding. I do not hate exercising per se but sometimes it can be a hassle encouraging myself to get moving.

Do you ever so often set out with big plans to walk more or go to the gym? Do you even buy a spiffy new exercise outfit that gets you in the exercise mood and lay it out in hopes that it would inspire you to complete the mission? Well if you're like me the mere thought of putting on the outfit just makes you tired, then that way will probably never work. So what I have started doing is going on more walks with my dog, Shayna. That's right! I found that having her with me helped me to walk a longer distance and really push myself harder than if I was by myself. Shayna loves walking and seeing and smelling new things so we had fun together just checking out everything in our little neighborhood.

To me it seems like a win/win situation, I get my exercise and she gets to explore the world a little more. Awesome! So now that I told you want helps me get active, tell me what gets you up and moving.

My dog, Shayna

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