Friday, September 30, 2011

2 Year Marriage Contract!

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Have you all heard about Mexico City's proposed 2-year marriage contract? If you haven't, then read it here. This contract wants to change the marriage laws to allow newlyweds a "trial period" for their marriage. And after the trial period if the couple doesn't want to stay together they can walk away without needing a divorce. The bill is supposed to be an answer to the city's high divorce rate. With one supporter, Lizbeth Rosas, stating that it will decrease the "tortuous and bureaucratic" process--not to mention hefty court fees." I really wonder how this will work. It basically seems like you are saying to your mate that I love you but lets see if I still love you after 2 years. Oh ok.

While I don't push divorce, I think that decision should be left to the couple. Why should the government get involved? What do you think, is this a law you would stand behind or not?

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