Friday, September 30, 2011

Snooki is Officially Annoying!

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Snooki is starting to get on my last nerve. The last few episodes have really been irking me. Her and Jionni are turning into the new Sam and Ronnie. And not to be mean, I kind of agree with Jionni. Nicole should not have lifted up shirt skirt and showed her cuca to everyone and God. If I was her boyfriend I would have been upset too! But I thought it was still pretty douche baggy of him to just leave her and to live the city as a whole. Like Jenni said he met the girl at a club acting slutty, what did he expect?

But I hope these two get over the drama soon because we don't need more Sam and Ron drama going on. We finally got those two to sit down and shut up. One problem with Nicole and Jionni is that they are total opposites of each other. He is more introvert, while she is more extrovert. We all know how opposites attract, but they need to know when to let go. Seriously!!!

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