Friday, September 30, 2011

Going Steady?!!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, this song is why I do not like or appreciate new age rap music. Seriously in my opinion it is all garbage now. Now listen I was out yesterday and somebody pulled up beside and I heard this song playing and it really shocked me. So I looked it up when I got home, just to see who the artist was so I could write this blog about it. The song is "Goin' Steady" by Rocko (whoever that is). And here are some of the lyrics of this empowering song:    

...We ain't goin' steady, we just be f****** 'round
Yeah the sex great but damn babe we f****** 'round
Girl you got me hot, poppin' up at my spot,
You out yo got damn mind, what the f*** is you thinkin' 'bout?
You've been misinformed, sorry if you read me wrong
I told you what you wanted to hear, sorry if I lead you on 

...Look I ain't tryin' to be rude, but I ain't tryin' to eat your food
I'm gon' keep it funky with you, girl we ain't that cool

Brilliant, right? See, this is why the world, especially the Black community is so messed up. How is a woman just going to let a man talk to her like this and still let him be with her? And how is a man a man when he is constantly move from woman to woman and bragging about it. And the girls in the car were just singing along like it was a song of endearment. I was so ready to throw up when I heard this song, so I immediately turned my music up louder. I just don't understand my generation. I am more conservative then most my age, but I am not a prude, but this made my skin crawl.

Usually I would leave a link to the video or display it here, but I will not but that crap on my page. If you want to hear the song it is on Youtube. 

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