Thursday, September 8, 2011

Favorite Sons of Anarchy Characters!

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So I have recently become obsessed with S.O.A. I know I am late getting on the band wagon, but from the name of the show and the brief clips I've seen on TV, I thought it was going to be about some lame supremacy group or something. And man was I wrong. So I have been on my computer catching up on seasons 1-3 so I can be caught up with the new season that just started.

I have almost completed all the previous seasons, but there is one thing that bothers me. I cannot pick my favorite character. I know I don't have to chose one character to like, but that is what I normally do. Usually I watch a show and immediately pick who is going to be my favorite and stick with them through the whole series, but not with this show. I have flipped and flopped so many times that my head is spinning. So I have decided I can more than 1.

Here my current Top 5 S.O.A characters.

1. Chibs - Cute and I so love his Scottish accent and scars

2. Jax- Very California-Boy cute and so rugged... Kinda has a Brad Pitt/ Kurt Cobain thing working for him

3. Bobby Elvis - Level-headed and loyal to the group

4. Tig - Sometimes can be kinda sick, but deep down seems very caring

5. Juice- Once again cute. He seems very simple(in a good and bad way), but seems very sweet.

So these are my picks for the moment. Let me know who your top pick are.

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