Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Juice Still In, Piney Out!

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Wow, Clay is single-handedly decreasing the size of Opie's family with every season. Not only has Clay killed Opie's first wife, Donna, but last night he killed his father too. The dude has no soul. Not to mention he put a hit out on Jax's old lady and also killed Jax's dad a couple of years back. And for all this, I most definitely hope Opie and Jax find out about this stuff soon and kick Clay's old, crippled, and arthritis-ridden butt.

But on a lighter note, Juice is still alive. Yay!!! And I was right. The branch did snap and his plan was foiled. Thank God! But how long is he going to be able to keep this stuff hidden? He should go ahead and tell on himself. Maybe they will forgive him and move on or he could die like a man and stop all this sneaking around. Because all of this suspense is killing me. Gosh. And with only 5 episodes left in season 4 of Sons of Anarchy, I now the show is about to get really good. Let's just pray that no one else gets killed or at least no one we like.

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