Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Juice is Half Black, And What...?!

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For the last 2 weeks Sons of Anarchy has had a story line with Jean Carlos aka "Juice" that is kind of confusing to me. Basically Juice is being blackmailed to help some detective get info on the drugs SAMCRO is moving. Now here is the thing I have been having an issue with, the fact that the detective is threatening to out Juice as half Black and telling him the club will be mad because of this. WHAT?!!! I don't remember anyone in the MC being particularly racist and saying no one of color is allowed. If that was so Juice would not have ever been in the club to begin with because he is Puerto Rican. Plus they have a charter that is predominately Black if not all Black, the Grim Bastards.

So I am having a hard time understanding why Juice would feel the need to hide his ethnicity and potentially get himself killed by working with the police. If you remember from an old post, Favorite Sons of Anarchy Characters, he is one of my favorites on the show. And I hope this is not leading to the writers killing him off because I am going to be super mad.

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