Monday, October 3, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday!

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I wish it were Sunday! That song has never been more true than on today. Ok, so here is why today is so hectic for me. First of all I am waiting for some service guys to come and install a new security door and you would nor believe it, they are late. Big shock, right? Then I have a History paper due in a couple of days. And on top of that I have 3 midterm exams on Friday. So I am in study, study, study mode. And I am so nervous about this Calculus exam that I feel like I am going to upchuck. I have no idea how I even solve half of the problems in that class. But the rest of my classes are easy, which makes it a little better. So wish me luck. And good luck to everyone else out there taking midterms!

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