Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Plus Size & Fashionable!

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plus-size fashion
Curvy and killing it!

Being a plus size girl, you are always on the lookout for plus size clothes that are from this century. Alot of plus size stores sell clothes that look like they was once your grandmother's curtains or are more fitted for older ladies. I have decided to put together a list of my fave stores. Now, know this, I am not a super fancy or dressy girl so this list will not include anything super elegant, but it works for me. So if you want to look young and fabulous and size appropriate, these are some of my top picks that will make help you look good and not break the bank....

Lane Bryant - I haven't been here in awhile since there are not alot in my area, but I have always loved there plus-size active wear.

Avenue - This store is my #1 favorite of all the stores on this list. Now, the store can be a little pricey, but the material holds up so much better than if it were cheaper.

Torrid - This is my go-to store for more edgy plus-size fashions. They have all the hearts and frilly stuff along with the hearts and dagger and cross bones. So go here if you love alternative wear that still has a soft side.

Old Navy - My second favorite store. I hate that they sell plus-size only online, but the return policy is great and the selection is wide.


FreelancingMom said...

I'm a plus-sized girl, and reading posts like this makes me proud to be one. If you're a little bigger than average you don't have to settle for ugly and baggy clothing and this blog post really brings the point home! Love this post. :-)

Destiny said...

I agree, cute plus size clothes are usually kinda hideous. That is why I felt I should make a post on this topic to help other plus size women find stores that offer more fashion-forward clothes. Thanks for commenting.

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