Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bank of America, Are you serious?

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First Netflix and now Bank of America? Are all business losing their minds? Nickel and diming us for every little thing, I was once a customer of Netflix, but after they raised their prices I got out of there. I wonder if I will have to do the same thing with Bank Of America? I hope not because when I first got with BOA 2 years ago, I could not stop singing their praises. But if they decide to follow through with charging $5.00 a month for debit card usage, they will lose tons of customers and me.

Now to be honest $5.00 does not sound so bad, but to go from free to a monthly fee is something alot of Americans don't want to do. And rightly so. Businesses are getting way too greedy these days.And I am sick of it. Plus their BOA website has been so slow these past few days. They should be worrying about that. So maybe we should all protest them and see where it goes. Maybe they will take the customers opinion in the matter before they end up like Netflix, hurting for customers.

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